Hello, my name is Diana Jasica and I was born in 1966 near Antwerp. We can say that the love of animals was passed on to me through my parents😊.  Since my birth, I have been able to surround myself with dogs, cats, horses, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, rabbits, a large ( small) farm. Thanks to my parents, I learned a lot about all these animals. I am very grateful to my parents for giving me this love and knowledge. They were passionate breeders and nothing was too much for them to do well. Raised among all these animals, they have always had an important place in my life. Following this passion, the affix “Mazures” was created in 1984. My first dog, which I got from my parents, was a Polski Owczarek Nizinny, or simply Nizinny, Jesly van het Goralenhof.

When my first dog died suddenly in 1993, I started looking for a new dog. I ended up with the border collie. Wendevick Sweet Shela came into my life and gave me so much love. I thank Marie Louise Driessens for allowing me to acquire this exceptional and lovely girl. An active and playful dog with whom I enjoyed working. Obedience, agility, herding sheep, my first Border did it all with pleasure. We were therefore able to win first places in both agility and obedience, 2 x Antwerp Agility champion and in the Top 10 ranking of Belgium. Partly thanks to the working sheep tests my first border collies achieved, they earned their championship titles in the show world.

In 2005, after much research, I found my childhood love back, having a horse in my life again. An exceptional horse breed, the Morgan, an old American breed born since 1796. Several Morgans have been imported from the United States and Canada, resulting in magnificent foals that have found their new home in Europe.  Many of them are friends, I hope to visit from time to time. I still own my first Morgan, Amber, who is living a wonderful life at my place.

In 2013, I discovered a very special cat breed, the Bengal. My sister had a Bengal and I fell in love with her. A superb marble girl.  The Bengal ajusted so well to the requirements and life with my dogs, such in character and empathy. Active, intelligent, vocal and, above all, very enterprising. My sister Katja and I then decided to join forces and welcomed our first breeding female under the name Goralguru cattery. Read and enjoy these wonderful pets and we also hope to help you achieve your dream!

Diana and her 4 legged friends.